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"Amazing, always a great experience."
- S. Cowtan

Are you ready to go on a whimsical adventure into a magical fairy kingdom?

The worlds first ever touring Fairy Tour is here! Fizzlewit will bring his enchanting fairy tale right to your festival, event or party so your guests can discover for themselves the fun of imagination.

Fizzlewit's Fairy Finding Tours are treasure hunts like no other. Solve puzzles and follow clues to find the lost fairy princess, Flutterby. Your adventure will take you to miniature fairy gardens where you'll discover all sorts of delightful wee folk and learn about their lives. 

Encounter all sorts of whimsical little people like Pocket Fairies, Toilet Goblins, Tidy Folk, Gnomies, Interweb trolls and Toenail Fairies.

This adventure is bound to delight children from 3 to 103!

Live action and socially distant tours now available.


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