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Kids Party Packages

Phileas Flash has been making children laugh for his whole career. In fact, it is one of his most endearing skills. He has created a great range of perfect party solutions guaranteed to make your child the toast of the town. These are special bundles that are specifically designed for families rather than organizations and offer terrific value and quality. From basic packages up to the no holds barred VIP party Phileas has something for everyone. Contact him for a quote

The Balloon Twister 

The very best in balloon twisting for two solid hours.

The Comedy Magician 

If you want to hear your kids laugh you've come to the right place. This 30-minute show is focused on silly magic and is suitable for all ages.

The Fairy Finding Tour

Are you ready to go on a whimsical adventure into a magical fairy kingdom? The worlds first ever touring Fairy Tour is here! Fizzlewit will bring his enchanting fairy tale right to your party so your guests can discover for themselves the fun of imagination. Fizzlewit's Fairy Finding Tours are treasure hunts like no other. Solve puzzles and follow clues to find the lost fairy princess, Flutterby. Your adventure will take you to miniature fairy gardens where you'll discover all sorts of delightful wee folk and learn about their lives. This is a magical 45 minute treat the whole family will enjoy.  


The Gold Party 

These gold standard parties are always a huge hit! You get both my 30-minute comedy magic show and an hour of balloon twisting.


The Platinum Party

Flash Balloons' top selling package. It includes the comedy magic show, 2 hours of balloon twisting and a pre-made large balloon creation. Each of these large sculptures is handcrafted to your theme and will ensure that your party is remembered for many years to come. 

The VIP Party
When money is no object anything is possible. Flash Balloons can tailor a package to suit any VIP. From showstopping balloon decorations for your venue to complete entertainment solutions, rest assured you are in safe hands.

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