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Master balloon artist, Phileas Flash, is back to mark the fifth anniversary of his seminal DVD; The face of things to come, and this is one party you don't want to miss. Phileas Flash has refined his famous balloon face design over the years and now wants to share that knowledge with you.  In these definitive video classes, Phileas will teach you step by step instructions to recreate five incredible balloon faces (basic, little, feminine, Santa and zombie).

He has even included a bonus section on hand and body design which will give you everything you need to build wonderful life-sized characters that really turn your client's heads.   


Full to the brim with fun cameo appearances of some of Flashie's favorite characters, bad jokes and a whole bushel of great designs

Today really is the day you change the face of your balloon art... 


Baron Von Flashenstein's Flat Weave Monster


"A real treat... I’ve never seen anything demonstrated so entertainingly and enthusiastically."
Chris Taylor - Key Ring Magazine

Join Rupert Appleyard (Phileas Flash) as he breathes new life into one of balloon artistry's most useful techniques, the flat weave.

Recorded in the Spring of 2020, this tutorial has been busy gathering dust, waiting for the Halloween season, so it can rise again and wreak havoc on your spookiest events.


You will learn everything you need to raise Baron Von Flashenstein's Flat Weave Monster from your lifeless balloons, even if you haven't ever flat weaved before.


As a special double feature bonus you will also learn how to make an award winning box of balloon popcorn!

So light your torches, form an angry mob and rush to buy this abominable new downloadable balloon tutorial before it's too late.

Running time 1 hour and 7 minutes

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